Wines & Vines: Guided half-day vineyard and farm winery visit, followed by a commented wine tasting.
Knowledge & flavors I: Guided half-day visit to São Pedro de Ferreira, followed by a wine tasting, regional snack and also a visit to the historic center of Penafiel.
Knowledge & flavors II: Guided one day visit to Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Pombeiro and to the historical home of Pão-de-Ló de Margaride, with tasting. Regional lunch, visit to São Pedro de Ferreira, wine tasting and regional snack.
Farms & traditions: Guided one day visit with rural breakfast at Quinta da Magantinha, wine and cheese tasting in Quinta da Tapada. Regional lunch, visit to Torre do Pilar or to the Santuário da Senhora Aparecida. Traditional snack and Vinho Verde tasting in Quinta de Lourosa.